Student Club

Happiness and Positivity Club

Happiness & Possitivity club by its innovative activities inculcates among students the truth that if you have possitivity you see opportunity instead of obstacles in life.

Culinary Club

Culinary skill is not just an art, it is science that is mystic, enchanting, exotic, ageless and of our cultural pride. This club provides an interesting opportunity for students to appreciate, learn and develop culinary skill of different regions.

Creative Writing Club

Writing is the painting of our voice. This club promotes among students the creative writing skill in poetry, prose and other genres.

Reading Club

Cognitive mental stimulus, vocabulary expansion, knowledge building, memory enhancement, better writing skill are some of the proven benefits of reading. Reading club encourages reading of titles on fiction, non-fiction, self improvement, philosophy etc and discuss or debate what they read with other members.

Fine Arts Club

‘There is music in earth, if one will listen’. This club is vibrant and enchanting as students are encouraged to develop, perform and inspire their talents in fine arts.

Human Values and Professional Ethics Club

This club like all other clubs is a student managed and a voluntary club. The human values are not preached here, but practiced. An English proverb says ‘we never know the worth of water till the well is dry’. This surely applies to things we overlook often; empathy, respect, gratitude, health, prudence and many more. This group constantly nudges us of our role to hand over a safe and beautiful world to the next generation through practice of human values and professional ethics.

Infinity Impact Club

As the name suggests, this club helps students to impact positively in all spheres in the campus. Imagination is the only limit, otherwise the creative events of this club are limitless.

Professional Development Club

There is always more to learn and new skills to attain . PDC is a catalyst for setting career goals, to be a transformation leader in class room or workplace. Many invited lectures on positive thinking, mind & body well being, team work and time management etc by motivational speakers fuel the objectives of this club.

Gardening & Agriculture

Technology is a close partner to farmers. Regular visits of experts from agriculture and horticulture departments to interact with students, visits to organic farms and hosting seminars on technology mediated agriculture practices are some of the interesting dimensions of this club.

Excess food distribution club

The amount of vegetables & fruits wasted every year in our country is almost the same quantity Australia produces every year! The food that becomes excess in campus is quickly and thoughtfully distributed by this club members to the needy and deserving people, thus eliminating food wastage.

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