Karpaga Vinayaga
College of Engineering and Technology
Achievements of Physical Education

  • Conducted more than 15 Anna University Zonal tournaments in our college
  • Conducted State level School Sports Competition during the year 2013 - 2014 for the games Volley Ball & Basket Ball for Men and Kho - Kho & Throw Ball for Women.
  • An Interschool State Level Volley Ball Tournament for boys and girls was organized at our college campus between 28th August to 13th August 2014 in association with the Kanchipuram Dist Volley Ball Association. About 110 schools participated in this tournament and made it a remarkable event.
  • KVCET conducted the Anna University Zonal Table Tennis Tournament for men and women on 12th August 2014.
  • We organized the Anna University Zonal Ball Badminton for men and women in October 2014.


Our values

  • Excellence, as exemplified by academic and athletic success.
  • Physical Fitness, as exemplified by our commitment to cultivate a lifestyle of health and wellness.
  • Leadership, as exemplified by the qualities learned and nurtured through participation in athletics and recreation.
  • Collaboration, as exemplified by teamwork to achieve group goals and excel in competition.
  • Diversity and Inclusion, as exemplified by offering opportunities and unique experiences for the campus community.
  • Dedication, as exemplified by an uncompromising work ethic.
  • Integrity, as exemplified by respect for competition, sportsmanship, interpersonal relationships and ethical conduct.
  • Compassion, as exemplified by our commitment to community service for the enrichment of society.

Our college students have won 3 Gold Medals, 2 sliver Medals, 10 Bronze in Athletic Events

Seminars & Workshops Conducted

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