Karpaga Vinayaga
Institute of Dental Sciences
Achievements of Prosthodontics & IMPLANTOLOGY

Journals Published From The Department

  • Management of Discoloured Anterior teeth with Ceramic laminate veneers - A Case Report. Journal Of Indian Dental Association,2010.
  • Management of Anterior tooth fracture using fragment reattachment. International Journal of Dental Clinics,2012.
  • Denture Stomatitis - Treatment with Diode Laser. International Journal of Restorative Dentistry,2012.
  • Prosthodontic Management of Acquired Oro-Antral Defect. Health Sciences,2013.
  • Bar - Retained Dento - Alveolar Prosthesis. A Case Report. Journal of Indian Prosthodontic Society,2014.

Ongoing Research Work

  • Statistical Analysis of prevalence of Edentulousness in Local Population.
  • Periodontal Analysis in Fused Crown Scenerio.