• IPR Events
  • 13 Mar

    National level conference on Recent Advancements in biomechanics and applications to biomedical engineering

    - Sponsored by: DBT, Govt of India

    Resource Person: Dr.E.Sukumar, Former Senior scientist, Siddha and ayurvedha research institute, Arumbakkam, Chennai. Dr.Mohammed Yasin, Professor and Head, Dept of Biomedical Engineering, REC, Chennai.

  • 26 Feb

    National conference on conservation of biodiversity

    Resource Person: Dr.K.Altaff, Emeritus Professor, UGC, New college, Chennai. Dr.Dalmin, Assistant Professor, Govt. Arts college Nandhanam. Dr.P.Anantharaman, ASP, CAS Marine biology, Annamalai University. Dr.G.Dharani, Scientist E, NIOT, Chennai.

  • 19 Feb

    State level seminar on Applications of Biomaterials and nanomaterials in Biomedical engineering

    Resource Person: Dr. Sivaji, ASP, Dept of nuclear physics, Univ of Madras, Chennai. Dr.K.Udhayaprakash, CEO, Marina Biotech

  • 20 Jan

    International conference on recent biotechnological advancement and utilization of natural resources for betterment of mankind

    Resource Person: Prof.Jiang-shiou-wang, Taiwan Ocean University. Prof.Murugan, Head, DRDO - Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. Prof.Kirubagaran

  • 05 Jan

    National level conference on BIOSUMMIT - 2015

    Resource Person: Dr. Ashok pandey Deputy Director and Head of Biotechnology Division, CSIR-National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, Trivandrum Dr.C.D.Anuradha Associate professor, Center for Biotechnology, Anna University, Chennai

  • 08 Dec

    National level conference on Short term training programme on statistical and phylogenetic tools for biologists

    Resource Person: Dr.K.Sivakumar, Professor and Head, Dept of Biomedical engineering, KVCET.

  • 11 Sep

    National level conference on applications of Radioisotopes in Modern Healthcare and energy demand in India

    - Sponsored by: DBT, Govt of India

    Resource Person: Dr Sheela , Deputy Chif Executive, Nuclear Fuel Complex , Hyderabad Dr R. Jeyavel, Professor and Director, Centre for Nanoscience and Technology, Anna University, Chennai

  • 13 Mar

    National conference on Application of biomaterials and nanomaterials in biomedical engineering.

    - Sponsored by: DBT, Govt of India

    Resource Person: Dr.T.Devasena Department of Nanoscience and Technology Anna University, Chennai, Dr. Sivagnanam, Senior Scientist, CLRI, Chennai

  • 24 Jan

    National level conference on diagnosis and therapeutic challenges in food safety diseases in Indian scenario- A biotechnological approach.

    - Sponsored by: DBT, Govt of India

    Resource Person: Dr.Sukumar,Associate Professor, Anna university, Dr.Venkateswarasharma, Pondicherry University.

  • 05Sep

    National level seminar cum conference on application of bioremediation techniques for green environment

    - Sponsored by: SERB - DST, Govt of India

    Resource Person: Dr.T.Viswanathan, Senior Engineer, Environmental protection and safety dept, CPCL, Chennai Mr.Karthikeyan, Associate Professor, Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Dr.Swaminathan, Safety officer, Evironmental and pollution control board, ICF, Chennai

  • 16 Aug

    National Symposium on Recent trends in industrial safety and occupational health

    - Sponsored by: AICTE, New Delhi

    Resource Person:Dr.V.S.Ananthan,President,IAOH, Chennai, Dr.V.Swaminathan,Sr.Consultant in occupational medicine, Apollo Hospital, Chennai, Dr.Jayaraj, Sr.Consultant in occupational medicine, Dr.Sujatha Mohan, Secretary IAOH,Chennai, Mr.B.M. Suburathinam, Manager (Occupational hygiene), Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Mr.G.S.Swaminathan, Brakes India, Divisional Manager corporate Health and Service Engineer,

  • 12Aug

    National level seminar cum workshop on bioinformatics and system biology

    - Sponsored by: DBT, New Delhi

    Resource Person: Dr.N.Gautham, Professor, Dept of crystallography and Biophysics, University of Madras, Dr.K.Premalatha, Professor, Dept of computer science and engg, Bannariamman Inst. of Tech. Dr.P.G. Aravindan, Asst Prof, VIT Mr.Nazir Ali, Asst Prof, VIT

  • 02 Aug

    National level conference on Diabetes mellitus in Indian population : Current scenario and future perspective

    - Sponsored by: DBT, Govt of India

    Resource Person: Dr.M.Balasubramanyam, Dean of research studies and senior scientist, Madras Diabetes research foundation Rv. Fr. Dr.S. Ignacimuthu, Former Vice Chancellor, University of Madras Dr.P.Daisy, Professor, Holy cross College, Trichy

  • 22 Jul

    National level seminar cum workshop on applications of green technologies for separation of bioproducts

    - Sponsored by: DBT, Govt of India

    Resource Person: Dr.R.Dhanasekar, Prof, Dept of chem. Engg, Annamalai University, Dr.N.Mathivanan,Professor, CAS Botany,University of Madras, Dr. N. Balasubramaniam Head, Dept of chem. Engg, AC tech, Anna University , Chennai

  • 23 Jan

    National Conference on Applications of regenerative medicine in dentistry

    - Sponsored by: DBT, Govt of India

    Resource Person: Dr.Chokkalingam, Emeritus Professor, Dr.Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai. Dr.Amritha Suresh Mazumdar Shaw Cancer centre, Chennai. Dr.K.Ranganathan, Ragas Dental College, Chennai Dr.K.Rajkumar, SRM Dental College, Chennai Dr.Srikumari Dept. of Genetics, Dr.ALMPGIBMS, University of Madras, Chennai Dr.K.Rajeshwari, BIOKLONE, Chennai

  • 21 Feb

    Workshop on Application of Vermicomposting Practices for Sustainable Agricultural Development

    - Sponsored by: DBT, Govt of India

    Resource Person: Dr.Sultan Ismail D.Sc., Director, Ecoscience Foundation, Chennai. Mr.Sivachandran, Agricultural officer, Periyar Maniammai University, Tanjore. A.R.Solaiyappan Senior Agricultural officer Government of Tamilnadu Dr.Krishna Manoharan Natura Farmacys Vellore

  • 26 Jul

    Workshop on Sequence Analysis and Molecular Simulation using Open Source Software

    - Sponsored by: DBT, Govt of India

    Resource Person: Dr. D. Velmurugan, Prof. & Head,Dept. of Biophysics,University of Madras,Chennai. Dr. S. Srinivasan, Project Scientist, NRCFOSS C-DAC, Chennai. Dr. G. Ramesh Kumar, AU KBC Research Centre, MIT Campus of Anna University, Chennai. Dr. K. Ramanathan, Assistant Professor, VIT University, Vellore

  • 21 Sep

    National Workshop on Immunoinformatics

    Resource Person: Dr.Chakravarthy, Dean, KIMS Dr.Udhaya Professor in Microbiology, Annamalai University, Chidambaram

  • 09 Oct

    Guest Lectures on Solid Waste Management

    - Persons Attended: III Year

    Resource Person: Mr. Kesavan

  • 09 Oct

    Guest Lectures on Herbal Technology

    - Persons Attended: II Year

    Resource Person: Dr Raveendranathan

  • 12 Mar

    Guest Lectures on Bioremediation of Oil Pipes

    - Persons Attended: II Year

    Resource Person: Dr.A.Rajasekar

  • 23 Jan

    Guest Lectures on General view of BioTechnology

    - Persons Attended: II & III Year

    Resource Person: MR.P.Haribabu

  • 30 Sep

    Guest Lectures on Nanomedicine a new hope for old obstacles

    - Persons Attended: III Year & M.Tech

    Resource Person: Dr.K.Prem Kumar

  • 27 Aug

    Guest Lectures on Recombinant DNA Technology

    - Persons Attended: III Year

    Resource Person: Dr.Sasikala

  • 11 Apr

    Guest Lectures on Opportunities & Challenges in Biotechnology

    - Persons Attended: III & IV

    Resource Person: Mr.Sanjay Narayanan, Research Assistant, National University of Singapore, Singapore

  • 11 Mar

    Guest Lectures on Recent Trends in Clinical Trials

    - Persons Attended: II, III & IV

    Resource Person: Mr.E.Sriram, Manager Quality Assurance, Microtherapeutics Research Lab Pvt. Ltd.,Coimbatore

  • 11 Mar

    Guest Lectures on Chemical Reaction Engineering

    - Persons Attended: II & III Year

    Resource Person: Dr.Sivaprakash Asst. Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engg, Annamalai University, Chidambaram

  • 01 Oct

    Guest Lectures on Mass Transfer Operations

    - Persons Attended: III Year

    Resource Person: Dr.S.Venkatesan Dept. of Petrochemical Engg, Anna University, Chennai

  • 22 Sep

    Guest Lectures on Emerging Infections

    - Persons Attended: III Year

    Resource Person: Dr. Thangam Menon, Professor & Head, Dept. of Microbiology, PGIBMS, Madras University, Chennai

  • 06 Jan

    Guest Lectures on Technology demand in biotechnology

    - Persons Attended: II & III YEAR

    Resource Person: Dr.D.Muruganand, Application manager, Eppendorf India ltd, Chennai.

  • 05 Jan

    Guest Lectures on Applications of Microbiology in chemical engg & biotechnology.

    - Persons Attended: III & IV YEAR

    Resource Person: Mr.M.Karuppaiya, Assisstant Professor, Dept of chemical engg, Annamlai university, Chidambaram

  • 09 Oct

    Industrial Visit on Milk Processing

    - Persons Attended: II yr/MTech II yr

    Company Name: Hatsun Agro products Ltd

  • 13 Sep

    Industrial Visit on Plant tissue Culture

    - Persons Attended: IVyr and M.tech IIyr

    Company Name: State Forestry Research Institute, Vandalur- Kelambakkam Road

  • 18 Aug

    Industrial Visit on Vermicomposting

    - Persons Attended: IIyr/IIIyr

    Company Name: Fertilizers and Vermicomposting park, Acharapakkam

  • 06 Mar

    Industrial Visit on Instrumentation techniques

    - Persons Attended: MTech(BT)

    Company Name: IIT Madras,SAIF, Chennai.

  • 18 Feb

    Industrial Visit on Petrochemical Products

    - Persons Attended: IV Year

    Company Name: Madras Fertilizers Corporation Limited, Manali.

  • 18 Feb

    Industrial Visit on Grinding unit

    - Persons Attended: III Year

    Company Name: Ramco Cement, Uthiramerur.

  • 01 Feb

    Industrial Visit on Sugar manufacturing

    - Persons Attended: III Year

    Company Name: Cheyyar cooperation sugar mill ltd,D.S.10,Tiruvannamalai.

  • 24 Jan

    Industrial Visit on Sugar Manufacturing

    - Persons Attended: II Year,IV Year

    Company Name: Tirupattur sugar mill cooperation ltd.,Tirupattur.

  • 11 Oct

    Industrial Visit on Milk Product Processing

    - Persons Attended: II Year ME

    Company Name: Cavin Care,(Kanchipuram)

  • 04 Oct

    Industrial Visit on Milk Processing

    - Persons Attended: IV Year

    Company Name: Sarvaseva milk dairy federation,Kanchipuram

  • 04 Oct

    Industrial Visit on Grinding Unit

    - Persons Attended: II Year

    Company Name: Madras cements Ltd,Chengelpet.

  • 30 Sep

    Industrial Visit on Bakery Goods

    - Persons Attended: IV Year BT I Year MTech

    Company Name: Institute of Hotel Management and Applied Nutrition, Taramani

  • 27 Sep

    Industrial Visit on Cell Culturing

    - Persons Attended: II Year

    Company Name:Bioklone,Siruseri.

  • 14 Mar

    Industrial Visit on Analytical Instruments

    - Persons Attended: I Year M.Tech

    Company Name: IIT, Chennai

  • 11 Mar

    Industrial Visit on Food Processing & Preservation

    - Persons Attended: I Year M.Tech

    Company Name:Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Chennai

  • 08 Mar

    Industrial Visit on Clinical Research Management

    - Persons Attended: I Year M.Tech & IV year

    Company Name:Microtherapeutics Pvt. Ltd, Chennai

  • 21 Sep

    Value Added Course on Blotting and Chromatography

    - Persons Attended: 50
  • 02 Aug

    Value Added Course on Sequence analysis and molecular modeling

    - Persons Attended: 54

    Company Name:Armat's Biotek Chennai

  • 22 Aug

    National symposium on Recent trends in Biotechnology

    - Sponsored by: The Biochemical Society, London

    Resource Person:Mr.Sampathkumar, Professor, IIT Madras Dr.Uma Maheshwari, Prof.& Head, Dept. of Biotechnology, University of Madras, Chennai

  • 18 Jul

    Association Inauguration - Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers Association Inauguration

    Resource Person:Dr.Dhanasekaran, Professor, Annamalai University, Chidambaram ,Director Mrs.Meenakshi Annamalai,KVCET

  • 18 Jul

    Association Inauguration - BIOTRIX Chapter Inauguration

    Resource Person:Mr.Ganesan from Microtherapeutics Research, Chennai. Director Mrs.Meenakshi Annamalai,KVCET

  • 31 May

    Yathum Biotech Ltd, Chennai


  • 10 Apr

    Neem Biotech Ltd, Chennai


  • 08 Feb

    Sarva Seva Dairy Federation Ltd., Cheyyur


  • 18 Jul

    Medox Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Chennai


  • 18 Jul

    MicroTherapeutics, Chennai


Seminars & Workshops Conducted